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I was born on a farm in the prairies and spent the first twenty-five years of my life there.  However, I had a yearning for the sea and I moved to Canada's rugged west coast years ago, so much of what I write has a 'wet coast' flavour.  Many of the islands, inlets, towns, villages, and coasts that I mention are places I have actually visited, but don't use my stories as a map reference.  I often change names, locations, and headings in my tales to protect the innocent (and to foil lawsuits by the guilty).

I have had a passingly decent education in the arts as well as in the technologies and all of that creeps into my stories.  I suppose at this point I should warn you that some have said I have a wierd sense of humour, so that may influence what you read as well.

I seldom write a simple short story, instead I usually write a long story (although it may still be relatively simple).  Certain names will reappear in my stories from time to time, this does not imply that this is the same character, it just means that I happen to have taken a liking to using that name.  If stories are related, I will mention it in one way or another.

I realise I am not another Shakespeare or even an Asimov, but that doesn't matter to me since I write because I enjoy writing.  Since I write for my own enjoyment, stories appear when it pleases me to post them and not on any formal schedule.  Also, although I will listen to your suggestions and critiques, they probably won't have much influence on what I write unless you happen to be pointing out problems in spelling, grammar or punctuation (- or a total 'faux pas' in the story line or plot development.)

Before you e-mail me about spelling mistakes, remember that I use Canadian English, so my spelling of some words may not agree with yours.  On top of everything else, the government says that I'm retired, but since I don't believe much that the government tells me, I'll just carry on writing in my 'spare' time, thank you.

Oh yes, to misqoute Anne McCaffrey - I'm going bald, I have a grey beard, and I walk with a cane, all else is subject to change without notice.

Now, a warning of sorts: I'd like to respond to some things that have been said about me and my writing.

Over the years I have written quite a lot.  I have opinions, those opinions appear in my writing. Sometimes my opinions may not agree with yours.  If you feel your opinion is more valid, please write a story that makes it clear why you think me wrong, but please don't e-mail me about my 'erroneous' opinions unless your opinion is based on established fact and you can offer proof positive that you are right.

I write ADULT literature.  Every action does not take place in a bedroom, but everything is not written to exactly match a specious code of ethics or a mundane morality either.  It is written for my enjoyment, in a fictional world of my creation.  Oh by the way, I do not provide a map or a compass with my plots, so the warning signs of upcoming emotional minefields may well be written in very small print.

I do write 'Science Fiction' on occasion, but science or technology often plays a role in my writing and with that as a basis, I often change a parameter or two of real life to see where it takes the story.  To me, that's simply fiction, but for simplicities sake I label it Science Fiction.  Usually if I write about science or technology, it's either working now or well into the developmental stage - the exception is the 'mental' and 'space' sciences (Who knows where the researchers have gotten to on those?) so when I am writing about those, I let my imagination run free.  Of course this does not presuppose the fact that I might decide to write a Science Fiction story that throws all the known 'facts' of physics out the window and brings in a whole new universe with different 'facts'.  (Examples of that would be "Thor's Child," "Blame Charlie" or "Detour to Otherwhen")

I sometimes write about several people being involved in a mutual relationship, some call this a plural marriage, I don't.  Actually, my characters seldom marry in a church or before a magistrate, however they may 'cohabit.'  Some readers have said that I don't like most marriages much, but that's not true.  Unfortunately a 'good' marriage between compatible people is usually relatively boring and I don't really like to write about boring things - I prefer action and intrigue - so I add some spice to my characters' lives.

I have been called sacrilegious.  Give me a break!  Just because I don't happen to believe that your religion is the 'one and only' religion does not mean I am sacrilegious.  Instead it means I've created a character who disagrees with common opinion and as often as not I'm using that character as a 'devil's advocate' to cause others to consider their own opinions.  After all I am writing fiction for my entertainment and yours as well, so my personal values do not necessarily match those of the characters I create.

It's been said that sometimes I toy with controversial subjects in my stories . . . Me? . . . Toy with anything? . . . Not me!  If I do something, I want to get to the nuts and the bolts, the bells and the whistles!  It'd be more accurate to say I dive into my subjects with a hammer and tongs!  I want to know who, what, where, when, why, and how, then I'll do my dangest to describe what I've uncovered.

Another thing I do is to delve into the relationships of people with each other.  I like characters with flaws.  I like to see characters interact.  I like to see them change.  I don't handle boredom well, I like things to happen, but I'm not very interested in murder or mayhem, unless it's essential to the plot of the story.  This site will be short on bondage, no snuff, no scat, no waterworks, no child porn, etc. - they just don't turn my crank.

It's been said that I am a lot of other things as well, but all I try to be is entertaining, perhaps I succeeded, but I'll leave you to judge that for yourself.

K Pelle         

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