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June 13th, 2017

Early on the morning of July 8th, 1973, I held my newly born son in my arms.  That little tyke did what almost all healthy children seem to do to their parents, he grew older and gradually matured.  In his early life he made friends with the neighbouring children, playing with some and scuffling with others, all the while teasing his older sister and her friends at any opportunity.  When he was old enough to join in on the fun, he played youth soccer and little league baseball, but his short, stocky stature prevented him from advancing very far in his athletic pursuits.  In other words his childhood was relatively typical, at least athletically.

As he became a preteen, then a teenager and finally a young adult, it soon became obvious that my son was not a carbon copy of his father.  Far from it, in fact it seemed that he alternately made me proud or else exasperated as he grew and changed, but the one thing he almost always managed to do was to surprise me.  He saw the world with different eyes than mine and we seldom agreed on anything overtly political, but neither of us would give an inch.  About the only thing we agreed on during that period was hockey.

To backtrack a bit, while he attended playschool, grade school, junior high and finally highschool, his grades which were always adequate, if not excellent.  During much of that time he also sought work to earn his way through life.  Like many others he began by delivering newspapers and flyers, then serving customers and managing staff at MacDonald's, or stocking shelves and other related duties at a local pharmacy.  Each time he changed jobs he was advancing his earnings and responsibilities, so I was proud of his personal development as he advanced in his employment.  He also became enamoured with computers and went on in his education to gain a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria.

Once he had that degree, he married and moved to Ontario, going to work for a well-known software development firm in the Ottawa area and establishing himself as hardworking team leader.  During the next few years he and his wife bought a house and had two children, a son and a daughter.  Unfortunately the firm he had been working for suffered from poor management and he foresaw the inevitable result, so he began a search for alternate employment, preferably back in British Columbia.  He was successful in that search and has spent the last few years working for a Vancouver based software firm on the development of a series of very popular and equally successful software games.  While working for that firm he even became something of a world traveller, visiting South America, Europe and even Asia, something which I never expected him to do.

I am very proud of what my son did during his life, but unfortunately that life was cut far too short.  He had a heart attack on the evening of May 10th and while in the hospital, complications arose.  My son passed away on May 26th, only a few weeks short of his forty-fifth birthday.

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