Making Contact

Sorry folks, but recently I've been having problems with spam sent by an ultra-conservative, right-wing fanatic with a propensity of mailing out reams of political propaganda, often including links to insecure right-wing postings, many of which are loaded with viruses and various other nasty 'gifts that keep on giving.'  Since that odious individual has also listed my e-mail address on his lengthy contact list of other ultra-conservative, right-wing fanatics, I receive their spam as well.  Needless to say I am not enthused to be receiving the inflamatory messages sent by any members of that or any other group!

So until I work out a more secure method of contact, please use the 'old' and relatively secure methods, but be sure to include a story title or other clue to content on the subject line of your message.  Emails with no subject listed are never read, instead they are automatically registered as spam, shipped to the spam bin, then are deleted on a regular basis!  (If all else fails, the old yahoo group still works - most of the time!)

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