Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I know - it's a brand new site, but I'm going to jump the queue simply because I 'know' that someone will ask why I'm writing under the name K Pelle now.  The answer is probably a surprise for some - you see if you knew my address and sent me a letter addressed to K. Pelle, it would be delivered.  Only I'm not going to tell anyone my address because I'm not really looking for a mess of opinions or even donations and if you want to make a comment you can go to the old Yahoo Group.  (Yeah, that group will remain active for now - even though in my opinion Yahoo did a great job of screwing it up.)

There is another reason for me to create this site though – recently my style has changed and I no longer write erotica, well, not as blatantly descriptive erotica as I wrote previously.  (In fact there are many 'mainstream' novels that have many scenes which are far more erotically descriptive than anything I write now.)

One other thing you should know, I write to entertain myself.  That's it, end of story.  In other words, if you don't like what I'm writing, don't read it!  A few years ago I completely stopped writing for publication because I found that I was writing to please other people, not myself, and I felt that what I was writing stank to high heaven.  So now I refuse to 'customize' my stories to suit anyone else!  I don't charge for what I write and the stories posted here are free, so please don't complain.  Complaints just annoy me and when I'm annoyed I don't write, which will piss off the people who do want to read my tales.  Of course the opposite is also true, a pat on the back or a thank-you note makes the creative juices flow much easier for some strange reason.  In a like mode, constructive criticism is appreciated, but dolts who criticize just so they can feel superior in some way or other may be written into a story only to suffer literary orchiectomy.

One last comment, postings are made when I and my editors feel a posting is ready and not to any schedule.  Since I am often working on up to a dozen tales at any time, postings on any particular story may seem to you to be erratic, but that's the way things happen.  Bitching, whining or complaining that my postings are taking too long or don't happen 'in rotation' only does one thing, it annoys me and you know the drill on that, it makes the postings even later!

So let's run through the facts: I'm old, I'm opinionated, I have arthritis in my hands, spinal stenosis in my back and almost constant sciatic pain, so I'm often grumpy – live with it and read my stories or don't!  I really don't care very much one way or the other.  (However having said that I should mention that like a camp cook, the 'meals' will appear more consistently if I receive an odd comment or two that acknowledges my efforts.)

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