2016 by K Pelle.

First of all I'd like to thank my daughter, Cheryl, for without her help, advice and assistance this site would not exist.

Secondly I'd like to thank two gals who prefer to be referred to as 'Schoolmarm' and 'Miz Tress' for their work as editors.  Without their able assistance my tales would often be even more heavily loaded with spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors than they are now.  (What errors do appear are usually the result of changes I have made post-edit.)

A third thank-you has to go to a fellow who calls himself 'The Picnitter.'  He checks the consistency of names, titles, and other details, as well as any references to historical facts, while also keeping an eye out for physical and mechanical impossibilities that may creep into my tales.

My fourth thank-you is to a fellow writer named Wes Boyd, whose online webpage was the inspiration for the layout of this webpage.  His stories are character based and well written, so they're well worth a read. You can find Wes Boyd's stories at:

And finally I'd like to thank the various readers who send e-mails regarding the errors that do escape into the final version of the postings which appear online.

K Pelle

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